Liú 流 is a portable light source inspired by the sailing boat environments, designed to adapt to any type of situation due to its versatility. 
The orange rope makes it could be attached everywhere, users could make knots in anyway they prefer just light how sailors do on boats. The adjustable joint makes it easy to set different angle by simply slide the orange band. With battery installed, Liú could be used up to 12 hours without charging. Fix it everywhere around you, set the preferred angle and enjoy the light!

This project is in cooperation with Tommaso Mirabella Roberti
year created
featured in
exhibited in 
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020
It all started with an idea of creating a portable light source running by battery. We intended to make the light source as flexible as we can and could match with different scenarios, in this case, we wanted to do something more "off the grid", to consider some kind of scenarios out of our comfort zone, such as some nature environment or some different lifestyles and habits from us.
initial scenario
Therefore we decided to take the scenario "sailing boat" as the starting point, since the user can use the light source in different place of the boat with other sailing partners and bring it on the shore. It would be interesting to see how much versatility we can bring to this light source.
user journey on boat
problem statement
initial concept
inspirations: ropes & carabins
We usually use ropes and carabins for outdoor and specifically sailing environment, which could be used in light source.
sketch models
model 1.0
We did some more research on the components. To make the final model more efficient to produce and maximumly address the main function as versatility, we refined the model, instead of having a handle/clip part, we use a little joint  and band to adjust the angle of the light. In this way the whole product would be much lighter and even more easy to be attached to any environment.
assembly & testing
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