Imagine using iMessage without actually using iMessage. HeadLine is a feature designed for iMessage in iOS. With a chatting window on top of the interface and a floating controller, it gives us the access to easily connect with friends and families via messages while we are using other apps, with zero effort. The concept of this project wishes to encourage mobile operating systems to care more about connecting people rather than letting contents isolate them.
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The original intention of smart phones and Internet is to connect people. However, they make people more and more separated, for everyone use apps alone. Apparently we cannot abandon phones and Internet, can we still have fun together and be more connected while we are using some apps?
EXAMPLE: online shopping
Originally, we go shopping together, which is not only for making a purchase, but also a pleasing social activity. It is so different from online shopping experience, in which we only tap and buy alone and rarely communicate with friends in real-time. 
Let‘s take ONLINE SHOPPING as a start point, to see how to connect people while they are shopping online via apps.
* This app’s interface is from ASOS (iOS), by Asos.Com Ltd:https://www.asos.com/
user research
Taking online shopping experience as a starting point, interviews and online shopping and field study for off line shopping was done. To understand the opportunities for better communication on shopping apps, difference between online and offline shopping was analysed.
offline shopping experience
online shopping experience
According to the opportunities based on online shopping experience journey analysis, wireframes for shopping app with lots of some features had been designed.
Tests were carried to understand better exactly what is needed for a better experience, during the test lots of features were cut down since they're not the core solution, and the most important feature was left, which is instant message and sharing.
what if...
It reminds me of the phone's Message feature. Sometimes we can quickly reply messages after receiving notification. What if we can use message conveniently while using other apps, not only shopping apps... So here goes an analysis of instant reply features in message apps.
In both system, instant reply works fine but there's something should be refined for the experience of real-time communication that can make us feel being companied effortlessly. 
And compared with Android, iMessage* is more closed and integrated. We can use it for either single chat or group chat, and there are a lot of interesting iMessage apps. It would be nice to chat more conveniently via iMessage* while using other apps.
* iMessages are texts, photos, or videos that you send to iOS devices and Macs over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks, which are different from SMS or MMS. detaisl: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207006
Then my design was refined based on iMessage, so that we can easily communicate and share while doing anything in other apps. After drawing and testing for several times, the final solution came out. It is a new feature for iMessage. There will be a message window on screen top, so we can chat while other app is open.
HeadLine* is a new feature of iMessage to make us connect with friends and families effortless while using other apps. There's a message window on top of the screen. With simple interactions, we can communicate with others in real-time very conveniently.
An iPhone X UI was made, for it’s longer than other iPhone, which means more screen space. 
The example shopping app’s interface below is from ASOS (iOS), by Asos.Com Ltd: https://www.asos.com/
* The spelling of “HeadLine” referred to other iOS features such as AirDrop, FaceTime, etc.
interface introduction
how to turn on & system setting
how to send messages
how to share content
HeadLine provides a new communication based on apps so that friends can use apps while chatting and sharing together. In addition to online shopping, HeadLine can be used in many other scenarios.


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