#freethebeach is an activity to improve the awareness of plastic overconsumption, which is a severe problem for creatures living in the ocean. We call for people to get involve in a challenge of taking a walk to collect plastic pieces, to clean the beach that near by them.

This project is in cooperation with Benedetta Ruspini Kasia Waśniowska
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Sweden, known as one of the most clean and sustainable country
can we find plastics on a beach in Sweden?
In Autumn 2019, we went to Lomma Beach, located in the west coast of southern Sweden, to understand how's plastic consumption is visually affecting the beach, and to see if there's anything we can do to improve the awareness of the problem.
By taking a walk by the beach for less than 2 hours, we collect a significant amount of plastic pieces. This is what we got on a Swedish beach, during autumn time after the beach was already be cleaned.
we need more awareness of plastic overconsumption...
We created a instagram account "freethebeach" to spread the idea of collecting plastic pieces to expand the awareness of overconsumption. With this account, we started a challenge #sundaycleanupchallenge, to encourage people take part in a casual plastic collecting beach walk on Sundays, and see what can they get.
Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of trash on the beach? We did and that’s where the idea of Free The Beach started. 
Our aim is to make you realise how easy it is to make a change. 10 millions tones of plastic ends up in the ocean every year. We decided to clean up our nearest  beach! 
Would you like to have your little part in making our planet a better place? Just take a Sunday walk and show us what you got! 
Join our #sundaycleanupchallenge now!
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