There’s a need for us to sleep naturally and easily. Easy Sleep is a smart house system, including a smart bedding device and a mobile app. It monitors behavior and automatically adjust the home appliances, so users can sleep easily and regularly without thinking too much.
year created

The initiative of the project is to...
A questionnaire survey was conducted to know how serious is sleep problem. As a result, 226 samples were received, including 107 males and 119 females.
According to the questionnaire, sleep problems occur in different groups, and the most important reason, except unchangeable ones, is from household appliance.
problem statement
Nowadays, people live a fast pace of life, using a variety of household appliances, which undoubtedly disturb their sleep.
These problems happen because we don’t adjust the house appliance to best mode. 
Even a very little action like “turn off the light” could disturb our sleep. Actually, people have tried to make “adjust” more simple.
Sometimes we are sleepy, but Turning off the light make us awaked suddenly.
The existence of remote control indicates our demand for more simple “adjusting”.

what if...
we just go to bed, without doing or thinking anything about adjust the household appoliances...
existing products & technology
There are a lot of products and APPs that could monitor sleep. Also, many intelligent home appliances are on the market. 
However, they all have problems somehow, and there is still no excellent ways to combine them for users’ sleep. 
I checked the information and know more about how to make the system work better.
research about sleep quality
optimized system (introducing the combo of product and app)
So smart bedding and sleep app are the next part of my design.
* home is an app by Apple , allowing users to remote control all the supporting home appliances.
product part
I come up with several ideas for the smart bedding, and finnally i decide to make a soft bar under the pillow.
app part
As for app, I did the prototype design to test for almost 5 times. I got some useful feedback, and modify the design step by step.
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